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Drilling Engineering

The design and execution of earth-penetration techniques, the selection of casing and safety equipment, and the direction of drilling operations see more...

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Production Engineering

The selection of producing intervals, the arrangement of various accessories, controls, and equipment, and the control and measurement of the produced fluids see more...

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Surface Facilities Engineering

The design and installation of gathering and storage systems, and the delivery of the raw products to pipeline companies and other transportation agents see more...

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Reservoir Engineering

The analysis of the rock-fluid system, the establishment of efficient well-drainage patterns, the forecasting of the reservoir performance, and the introduction of methods for maximum efficient production see more...

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Petrophysical Engineering

The provision of tools and analytical techniques for determining rock and fluid characteristics

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Casing design

The design of casing programs based on pore pressure/frac gradient plots, formation integrity tests, and burst, collapse, and tensile loads see more...

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Regulatory Compliance

The compliance with regulatory requirements for protecting fresh water, staying within lease/block boundaries, isolating zones, and preparing applications. see more...

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Drilling Fluids

The design and selection of drilling fluid programs to maintain well control, formation integrity, and damage mitigation; the specification of mud properties; and the provision for wellbore instability and lost circulation. see more...

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Well Testing

We test wells for oil production

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